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SC Concefa SA Sibiu

Balance sheet (ths. RON)
Fixed assets164,307.31156,218.8576,885.35
Current assets86,601.1775,200.0451,517.63
Shareholders equity106,937.9061,029.38-37,549.56
Total liabilities142,413.18161,065.74155,004.72
Short term liabilities69,238.51118,509.9710,252.37
Profit and loss (ths. RON)
Operating income123,351.8684,749.7524,505.08
Operating expenses110,612.68125,351.1974,246.85
Financial income5,367.157,829.05199.70
Financial expenses12,899.0419,133.063,651.97
Total income128,719.0092,578.8024,704.78
Total expenses123,511.72144,484.2577,898.82
Gross result5,207.29-51,905.45-53,194.04
Net result3,527.20-51,905.45-53,194.04
Financial ratios
Debt to equity ratio133.17%263.92%***  
Liquidity index1.250.635.03
Return on equity3.30%-85.05%***  
Profit margin3.16%-61.01%-233.98%
Book value (RON)0.18810.0969-0.0596
EPS (12 months)0.0062-0.0824-0.0844
Sales per share (RON)0.19660.13500.0361
Net profit growth ratio (12 months)692.18%***  ***  
Turnover growth ratio (12 months)1,271.89%-23.87%-73.28%
Market stock price (end of quarter)---  0.02370.0102
PER (12 months)---  ***  ***  
Stock price (current): 0.0044 PER (curent): ***  
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