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Aerostar Bacau

Balance sheet (ths. RON)
Fixed assets46,216.3875,459.59118,420.23
Current assets69,576.6085,100.09122,038.94
Shareholders equity78,877.35102,543.40128,060.38
Total liabilities13,446.5218,119.2240,199.56
Short term liabilities13,406.7718,119.2236,112.29
Profit and loss (ths. RON)
Operating income163,693.48161,542.79207,476.30
Operating expenses149,835.33147,039.36191,269.23
Financial income7,698.517,557.4011,743.60
Financial expenses6,150.585,011.699,385.04
Total income171,391.99169,100.19219,219.90
Total expenses155,985.91152,051.05200,654.27
Gross result15,406.0817,049.1418,565.63
Net result11,276.4111,618.3015,068.19
Financial ratios
Debt to equity ratio17.05%17.67%31.39%
Liquidity index5.194.703.38
Return on equity14.30%11.33%11.77%
Profit margin7.12%7.33%7.65%
Book value (RON)0.67340.87541.0933
EPS (12 months)0.09630.09920.1286
Sales per share (RON)1.35131.35231.6811
Net profit growth ratio (12 months)10.44%3.03%29.69%
Turnover growth ratio (12 months)0.94%0.07%24.31%
Market stock price (end of quarter)1.01000.99001.4370
PER (12 months)10.499.9811.17
Stock price (current): 4.9500 PER (curent): 38.49
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